The Right Straight Stairlift for Your Atlanta Home?

Too often homes, especially older ones, have stairs which cannot be fixed with ramps. The solution is the stair lift which quickly and safely allows the senior, elderly person or family member with a disability to navigate stairs which they previously could not climb on their own.

How Can Stair Lifts Atlanta Help You Solve Your Home Accessibility Problem?

Becoming disabled, either due to accident or age, can come on suddenly and make it difficult for you to get around. Stair Lifts Atlanta can help make your home accessible again, engaging just the right Atlanta accessibility and disability equipment company.

Outdoor Straight or Curved Stairlift for Atlanta Decks and Porches

The over 60’s will constitute a full quarter of the population by 2050! In the metro Atlanta area, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place in their current home rather than move in with relatives or go to an assisted living facility.

The Patient Transfer Lift that Safely Moves You From the Bed to the Shower

Greater mobility means better quality of life. For information about the SystemRoMedic™ and Ready for life™ assistive devices like ceiling lifts, rail systems, mobile lifts, lifting slings and lifting accessories for manual and mechanical lifting of patients, visit the Handicare website.

Wheelchair Lifts Give You the Help You Need in Your Atlanta Home


Vertical and inclined platform wheelchair lifts make it possible for a person to continue living a life in the comfort of the home that he or she has enjoyed for years — without sacrificing space in the home. Atlanta Home Modifications offers a wide selection of lifts and other products designed for wheelchair users.

Expert Installation of Track Mounted Ceiling Lifts for Atlanta Homes

expert installation of track mounted ceiling lifts in Atlanta

Ceiling-mounted tracks can be portable or permanently attached in one location in a home, and can be used for multiple locations throughout a home. Expert installation of ceiling lifts — whatever the type or location — ensures that homeowners are able to enjoy the mobility afforded by a lift without the danger of falling.