The Best Stair Lift for Your Metro Atlanta or North Georgia Home

Outdoor Stair Lifts Solve Accessibility Problems

When you are shopping for your stair lift be sure to consider all of the details and evaluate multiple popular brands such as Sterling or Bruno. Stair lifts vary according to the weight capacity rating, availability, warranty, dependability, and ease of servicing.

Curved or Straight Stair Lift, Which Do You Need?

Curved or Straight Stair Lift, Which Do You Need? Since the designs are custom-built to accommodate specific variances in stair features, the curved lift price is considerably higher and both ordering (2-3 weeks) and installation time frames (min. 6-8 hours) are longer.

What is the Actual Cost of Adding a Stair Lift?

In comparison to many home remodeling projects, the cost of adding a stair lift is quite reasonable, especially if it enables you to once again gain access to your whole house, especially the upstairs bedroom or outside to the backyard garden you enjoyed working in for so many years.