Best Curved Stair Lift Features

Stair lifts have changed the lives of many individuals who suffer from mobility limitations that make it difficult (or impossible) to climb stairs. There are countless advantages to buying a stair lift. Your metro Atlanta certified aging in place (CAPS) specialist can fill you in on additional life-enriching boons a curved stair lift could bring, today.

Curved or Straight Stair Lift, Which Do You Need?

Curved or Straight Stair Lift, Which Do You Need? Since the designs are custom-built to accommodate specific variances in stair features, the curved lift price is considerably higher and both ordering (2-3 weeks) and installation time frames (min. 6-8 hours) are longer.

Switchback Stairs Require a Curved Stair Lift

If your stair goes up a set of stairs to a landing and then you turn either 90° or 180°– you have a switchback stair which requires a curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts vary in configuration in accordance with the dimensions of your particular stair, and therefore must be custom-made.