Stair Lifts Atlanta Tip: The Difference Between a Straight and a Curved Stair Lift

Here at Stair Lifts Atlanta we encounter many situations in which our customers are confronted with having to solve accessibility challenges in their Atlanta residence. You may be seeking to solve accessibility challenges for yourself […]

Sterling 2000 Curved Stairlifts for Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, and Gainesville

The Sterling 2000 curved stairlifts are custom built to precisely fit your Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, and Gainesville stair configuration and carry you safely from floor to floor within your home. With the tightest track bends […]

Georgia Regulations for Stair and Platform Wheelchair Lift Installation


The State of Georgia has strict regulations for stair and platform wheelchair lift installation. The specification and installation of each Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC stair lift is required to be completed by a stair lift specialist who is certified by the State of Georgia. ADA regulations also provide guidelines for stair lift installation.

Affordable Stair Lifts for Your Atlanta or North Georgia Home

A wide array of affordable state-of-the-art stair lifts are available for your Atlanta or North Georgia home by such manufacturers as  Acorn, Bruno, AmeriGlide, Aquatec, Harmar, Mangar, Invacare, Horcher, Savaria, and Sterling. Certified Georgia residential elevator, […]

Atlanta Homeowners Install STERLING Outdoor Stair Lifts at the Porch or Deck


The Atlanta homeowner installs Sterling outdoor stair lifts at their porch or deck to solve accessibility challenges at metro Atlanta or north Georgia homes. Are you seeking to solve accessibility challenges, or planning ahead to […]

Pictures and Images of Residential Wheelchair Platform and Stair Lifts for Your Atlanta Residence

Residential elevators, LU/LA elevators, vertical and inclined platform lifts, dumbwaiters, and convenient bath lifts may be just what you need to solve your residential accessibility challenges in your Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, Gainesville, Buckhead, and Sandy Springs […]