Stair Lifts in Marietta

Have you experienced a loss of independence in your home due to surgery, injury, handicap or other mobility difficulties? Consequently, have your beautiful spiral or switchback stairs become more of an enemy than a friend due to inaccessibility? The good news is that such challenges can be remedied with curved stair lifts in Marietta provided by Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC, full use of your home can be restored.


A Bruno curved stair lift will make all the difference in your Marietta home! 

Consider some of the advantages of owning a stair lift:

  • They are custom built and affixed to the stairs (not the wall) for excellent support.
  • They are efficiently installed by a State of Georgia certified technician.
  • They provide an extremely comfortable, smooth and safe ride up and down the stairs.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are compact and have optional fold-away design for efficient space conservation and safety.

Don’t let mobility challenges rob you of your independence. Curved stair lifts in Marietta can make your home accessible once more!

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