Stairlifts Have a Battery Backup for Safety in a Power Outage

Most straight and curved stair lifts can be plugged directly into the household electrical system at the nearest plug, and do not require special electrical circuits for operation. Having a battery backup for safety during a power outage enables the stair lift to continue to operate and provide transportation up and down stairs year-round.

Aging in Place Design Strategies for the Accessible Atlanta Home

Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC specializes in handicap accessible home modifications for people looking for barrier free accessibility design, including grab bar installation, stair lifts, platform lifts, chair lifts, wheelchair ramps for homes, assistive technology, roll-in showers and walk-in hydrotherapy bathtubs.

Indoor and Outdoor Straight and Curved Stair Lifts Help Atlanta Residents With Disabilities

Whether disabled due to an auto or work accident, or a veteran wounded in action, each may find particular challenges navigating at home. At Atlanta Home Modifications, we have the expertise to help Atlanta residents with disabilities become mobile in their own homes, again, via indoor and outdoor straight and curved stair lifts.

The Right Straight Stairlift for Your Atlanta Home?

Too often homes, especially older ones, have stairs which cannot be fixed with ramps. The solution is the stair lift which quickly and safely allows the senior, elderly person or family member with a disability to navigate stairs which they previously could not climb on their own.

Fall Proofing Tips for Your Atlanta Home to Keep You Safe

Most people associate stair lifts with very old people or the disabled. While both groups need stair lifts for mobility, using a stair lift is also about safety. With over 25-30% of falls resulting in hip injuries which reduce mobility, stair lifts exist to prevent the very injuries which necessitate installing a stair lift. Additionally, outdoor stair lifts allow for easier access into the yard or garden without the need for space-devouring ramps.

Aging-In-Place Home Modifications for Metro Atlanta Homes

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to age in place rather than move to an assisted living community when they begin to get older and realize their family home may not accommodate them in the years ahead. Have you been considering making strategic aging-in-place home upgrades to your metro Atlanta home?