Competitive Sterling 1000 Stair Lift Prices — An Outdoor Lift for a Straight Stair

The Sterling 1000 outdoor stair lift is fully waterproof for an outdoor installation on a straight stair. Sterling 1000 stair lift prices are competitive with other well-known stair lifts manufacturers, generally ranging just over $3000 for a straight stair lift installation.

Using a Stair Lift in Your Atlanta Home is Safe & Easy

Using a stair lift in your Atlanta home is so easy, even a child can do it! If a friend or loved one has a stair lift in their home, you may be familiar with how safe and easy it is to operate a stair lift. Many of the stair lifts we install are manufactured by Handicare.

Indoor and Outdoor Straight and Curved Stair Lifts Help Atlanta Residents With Disabilities

Whether disabled due to an auto or work accident, or a veteran wounded in action, each may find particular challenges navigating at home. At Atlanta Home Modifications, we have the expertise to help Atlanta residents with disabilities become mobile in their own homes, again, via indoor and outdoor straight and curved stair lifts.

The Patient Transfer Lift that Safely Moves You From the Bed to the Shower

Greater mobility means better quality of life. For information about the SystemRoMedic™ and Ready for life™ assistive devices like ceiling lifts, rail systems, mobile lifts, lifting slings and lifting accessories for manual and mechanical lifting of patients, visit the Handicare website.