What is the Actual Cost of Adding a Stair Lift?

In comparison to many home remodeling projects, the cost of adding a stair lift is quite reasonable, especially if it enables you to once again gain access to your whole house, especially the upstairs bedroom or outside to the backyard garden you enjoyed working in for so many years.

Atlanta Stair Lift Prices Include Installation, State Review & Certification

What are some of the most helpful financing resources available to families seeking to purchase a stair lift? While the Senior Healthy LIfestylemajority of residential stair lifts are paid for out-of-pocket, there are public and private programs that can assist with the purchase of a lift, including private health insurance, VA benefits, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), mortgage insurance programs (e.g., Title 1 and Section 203(k), and banks and lending institutions.