The Patient Transfer Lift that Safely Moves You From the Bed to the Shower

Greater mobility means better quality of life. For information about the SystemRoMedic™ and Ready for life™ assistive devices like ceiling lifts, rail systems, mobile lifts, lifting slings and lifting accessories for manual and mechanical lifting of patients, visit the Handicare website.

Expert Installation of Track Mounted Ceiling Lifts for Atlanta Homes

expert installation of track mounted ceiling lifts in Atlanta

Ceiling-mounted tracks can be portable or permanently attached in one location in a home, and can be used for multiple locations throughout a home. Expert installation of ceiling lifts — whatever the type or location — ensures that homeowners are able to enjoy the mobility afforded by a lift without the danger of falling.

SureHands 2500 Series Track Ceiling, Wall, or Free-Standing Lift for Atlanta Residents

The Surehands HM2500 Series Track Systems for a ceiling, wall or free-standing lift installation, offers just what Atlanta residents with disabilities need, to get from one vital spot to the next in their homes. The […]

Ceiling and Wall Mounted Lift Systems For Persons with Disabilities

Ceiling and wall mounted patient lift systems for persons with disabilities overcome barriers in the residential space. Continuous track systems provide ease of movement between bed, bath and public areas of the home. Safe and […]