Straight Stair Lift Prices

Shopping for a stair lift and comparing stair lift prices between an Acorn, Bruno or Sterling stair lift? Many factors affect stair lift prices for your Atlanta home. The primary consideration is the configuration of the stair–is it a straight stair or a curved stair? Stair lift prices for curved lifts are significantly more than straight lifts, but many stairs, such as a switch back stair with a landing in the middle, require a curved lift.

Straight Stair
If your stair is a straight stair with no landing along the length of the stair, you can have a standard straight stair lift installed. The installed price for a straight stair lift is typically between $3000 and $3200, under normal stair conditions, including the Georgia certification and inspection fees.

Curved Stair
If there is a landing requiring a curved stair lift installation, it is necessary for you to have a custom-built curved track and lift ordered. The lead time and cost are significantly more Atlanta-Outdoor-Stair-Lift-Bruno-Electra-Ridethan required for a straight chair lift. One way to try to minimize the cost and ordering time is to install two straight lifts. Using two straight lifts will require the chair lift passenger to stand up and transfer at the landing.

Optional Features that Affect Stair Lift Prices:

  • Extra track
  • Track overrun at the top of the stairs
  • Call/send remote controls
  • Power seat swivel
  • Power footrest
  • Additional charging stations
  • Seat size or style

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